Saturday September 12th, 6-11 pm, in la Jolla

Take an imaginary cruise to the Mediterranean

A new tantra puja offered to SINGLES,
whether they are new to tantra or not

Each port will be the inspiration of 1 specific tantric exercise involving
conversation, light touch and feedback.
Music will match the country visited.

You will learn about tantra techniques, experience heartfelt moments,
and feel relaxed and happy about yourself!

This is not a dating evening,
but an experience in tantric skills to help singles
get closer to meet the right person.

Options will be given at the end to exchange contacts

Private sessions ahead of time are available for those who are new and
would like to gain some practice and insights. Ask for a

Register here:
1 male passenger $60

1 female passenger : $40

and be ready to visit,
Spain, Marocco, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France!



Friday, Saturday and Sunday September 18th, 19th and 20th

Whole being weekend in Idyllwild

A rich festival of art, music, and healing touch

I've been going there for 20 years and always came back with more faith for humanity!

I will be guiding a Puja

info at :


Saturday October 24th, 7-11pm in Point Loma

Sexy Halloween party

40 participants are invited to dress up as little or as elaborate as they wish!

The puja will take you from Wonderland to the jungle,
from Superman to Cleopatra,
from Zorro to the Geisha...Adding a few fairies and vampires...

All in good taste, but daring and bold, this puja is advanced
and not offered to first timers (unless they stay with their partner and not rotate)

You will visit all the "sexy delicious monsters" from the opposite gender,
and explore 20 creative guided exercises tantric style!

Register here: 1 pair of sexy creatures: $80

Single Superman : $60
Single Fairy-witch: $40


Tantra Training for Couples

Sunday November 14th, 2-7pm, in La Jolla

A good relationship includes:
Communication, education, permission, a clear intentionality about key values,
and languages of love such as romance, sensuality, and sexuality when it applies.

Our training will allow your couple to practice awareness of thoughts,
experimenting with words of appreciation, playing with various modalities of touch,
learning some tantric rituals, and engaging in playful exercises of adoration and connection.

No sexuality, no nudity.

Couples stay together for all exercises.
Couples who are new to tantra will be have a wonderful first experience,
and couples who have been on the path will be re-inspired and strengthened in their practice.

Your investment: 5 hrs - $120 per couple

This is a well structured workshop alternating lecture format and practice.
You will leave with hand-outs , intimate homework, and a blissful heart.

Francoise and Mitchell Ginsberg are teaching this training together.
This is a rare opportunity to listen to Mitchell's infinite knowledge;
University philosophy professor, family therapist, author of 7 books,
Mitchell brings his extensive knowledge about buddhism,
vipassana meditation and early tantrism.

Register here:


Saturday December 5th, 5-10pm in la Jolla

Holiday puja for singles
A sweet way to meet new friends and be invited to numerous parties


Thursday December 31st, 7 to midnight in la Jolla

Our annual end of the year party,
celebrating the new year with happy people, music, connections and lots of hugs