Saturday December 5th, 5-10 pm in la Jolla

Holiday Tantra-puja for singles,

first timers welcome!!!

A sweet class to meet new friends and be invited to numerous festive parties afterwards!

December is the month of celebrations, gifts, reunions, and gatherings.
Starting with a tantra puja is the quickest way to get into the spirit,
and connecting heart to heart !

Imagine a festival of colorful mini-lights,
warm gingerbread aromas,
and holiday music from around the world;
imagine a group of 15 men and 15 women
guided to offer their higher self and receive your "gifts."

Each encounter will have a mix of meaningful questions to ponder about such as : "if you were Santa Claus, what would you gift yourself?... " If you were the king of the world, what would change?" If you would create a charity, which cause would you take on?" "if you were under the mistletoe where would you like to be kissed?" Followed by a playful physical exercise such as dynamic dance with the "Run, Run, Rudolph" song, or a slow hug "Christmas is in My Heart" and well-explained modalities of touch to the music of the "Nutcracker" and "Peace on Earth" songs from around the world

No sexuality, no nudity but nurturng touch, yes! lots of it in various forms

What others have said : classy, respectful, playful, mind -opening, creative, educational...

You will learn a few skills and gain self esteem and confidence

The next day you will receive the Email (optional) of each participant and
will be instructed on how to pursue the connections.

Save your space now.
1 lady $40

1 gentleman $60

Dress festive and be ready to celebrate many expressions of love!


Thursday December 31st, 7 to midnight in la Jolla

A celebration of New year around the globe!

a playful Puja to celebrate the new year with open minded people, music, connections and lots of hugs.

We start at 7 pm with food and drinks, meet in a circle and let go of 2015.
At 9 pm, we will be welcoming the new year, New York time and start visioning 2016.

We will include tantric exercises to deepen our connection and
will mingle with others to expand our heart.

Guided exercises will be offered, sometimes for groups of 2, or groups of 4.

There will be dancing, laughing, being reflective, and lots of nurturing touch !
Dress well and be ready to become really comfortable as the evening unfolds....

At midnight, we will exchange really good tantric hugs, whisper to each other good wishes for 2016
and know that... we began the year well.

1 pair : $90

(Singles may inquire to Francoise for finding someone to pair up with and kiss at midnight!)