Saturday , March 7th, 6-11 pm, in Encinitas

Brazilian carnival Puja and Latin dance

The intent:
-A practice in advanced body-langage communication
-a highly sensual puja where everyone feels respected
-an exploration of expanding heart, mind, and body
-couples may stay together or rotate
-Costumes, feathers, masks, boas...are welcome and appreciated

Program :
6:30 to 7:30 : Latin dancing and demo with Art Lashbrook and John Heglin
7:30 : Full rotation puja with 1 intermission
This puja weaves together the colorful sensual beauty of the carnival in Brazil,
along with sacred teachings of Tantra, practices which expand sensations and connections.
As the evening progresses we will open to more freedom of expression,
making this a celebration to remember.

If you feel ready for divine enjoyment, masks, and mystery....
save your space now
A detailed confirmation will follow

1 couple $80
1 gentleman
1 lady

young adults benefit from 50% off

if you are a first timer, contact Francoise

($10 extra at the door if openings left)


Sat March 22nd, 3-6pm, in La Jolla

Goddess lounge, jade egg practice
an ancient practice which uses a jade egg to heal all kind of feminine issues
such as hormonal, sexual, physical and psychological scars, lack of libido or pleasure.

Women who have been using it report more tone, more pleasure, more confidence.
The key is to know how to use it

we will walk you through how to prepare for it and what to expect.

If you have a jade egg, bring it, if you want to purchase one, go on line, or call me 858 531 1028
You will have a chance to practice if you wish, you may choose to be just a listener

I will welcome Celine Remy as my guest speaker,
a young lady, tantrika and teacher, who has taught many women to successfully
embrace this practice
Space is limited, reserve here: $40




Sat March 28th, 7-11pm

Tantra Puja for singles:" i love Paris in the spring time.."

What is a puja ?: a ritual of seeing the higher self in everyone
What is Tantra ?: the art of love
What about love, Paris and spring time? this will be the theme for this event

Beginners and seasoned tantrikas are all invited to meet in this well orchestrated evening.
Each exercise is elegantly guided with French music.

You will learn some tantric skills, and practice seeing the best part in everyone
You will get a private tour of Paris and be transported to the most romantic places ..!

You might fall in love with everyone, however this workshop is more than a dating place,
it is a deep practice of unconditional love with many tools revealed.
You will meet each person of the opposite gender.

All exercises are easy to follow and respectful.
Lots of heartfelt sharing and tender touch.

This is a beginner friendly event and new partcipants are encouraged to try out,
as wonderful tantric exercises will be taught.
You will want to use those lessons in all your relationships

Register here:
1 gentleman $60

1 mademoiselle $40

Young adults, under 35 years of age, benefit from 50% off

1 young lady : $20

1 young man


April 26th, 4-7pm , in La Jolla

Goddess lounge

Libido : sexual and creative energy
We all have it, and we all want to celebrate it.
sometimes , however, it seems to be too much..or too little

We will explore exercises to access this energy and enhance our pleasure
We will practice energy orgasms with no touch. Just breathing and movements!
yes it is possible!
you will receive hand outs to practice at home!

We will talk about the various orgasms available in a female body

Reserve here: 1 Goddess : $30

young lady under 35 of age: $15



Sunday May 24th, 2-7 pm, in La Jolla

tantra training for couples


Sunday May 31st, 4-7pm, in La Jolla

Goddess lounge



Saturday June 6th, 7-11 pm, in La Jolla

Puja for singles

Sunday June 20th, 4-7 pm, in La Jolla

Goddess lounge


Saturday June 27th, 6-11pm, in la Jolla,

Body painting