Saturday, August 23rd, 7-11 pm in La Jolla

15 Best love stories : A tantra Puja for singles

Learn and practice to be a tantrika,
meet other singles interested in tantra.

A well-guided ritual where you will meet all partners of the opposite gender.
All levels of practitioners welcome.

Safely and respectfully facilitated.
No nudity, no sexuality

Ideal to introduce your single friends to Tantra.

Theme : "Love stories in romantic movies"
The exercises will use famous love stories to discuss what love is .
The melodies will transport you to a sweet and tender place.

You will learn some skills and practice the art of love.
offered to 15 men and 15 women

Ladies $40

Gentlemen $60

Saturday September 6th , 7-11 pm in la Jolla


Bhakti is love; Bhakti is sharing.

An advanced Puja combining spirituality and sensuality,
A practice of devotion to the emcompassing soul and the honoring to the body temple.
Offered to couples and paired friends who have had in depth tantra experience.

We will use coconut oil as an anointment to bring deep relaxation to the body and soul,
to create more oxytocin for the brain and generate a sense of bonding within the group.

A precise structure accompanies a series of rich tantric exercises.
There will be full rotation for everyone.

This is surprisingly a NON-sexual event,
but highly sensual with some nudity involved,
and open to those who are very familiar with recirculating sexual energy

$90 for 2

If you think this puja is for you, please email me, and we will discuss it, Namaste

Feedback from a participant 6/23/14
"Still "glowing" and slippery from the Oil Puja!
Definitely my favorite and I'll be back for the next one!
The first activity (Buddha) made everyone comfortable...
The exercises were so excellently woven - from start to finish.
The progression was perfect - and I especially appreciated the trust-building.
I loved all the rotations and the energy between myself and all the participants.
And about the last activity, "Shiva Shakti mystery game" I loved it! Perfect capper to the night.
Thanks for putting all of this together.
Your careful screening of the participants made a big difference.
I felt a connection with everyone in the room".


Friday, Saturday, Sunday Sept 19, 20, 21

Whole Being Weekend
retreat in Idyllwild with 150 people,
music, tantra, massage, dancing, drumming,
nutrition, ecology, philosophy and lots of hugs
$249 Food, lodging, concert and workshops all included
for details : 


Sunday, September 28th, 2-7 pm

A tantra training for couples and paired friends.

Couples will practice together, singles will pair up with other singles

This is a 5 hour training to help understand the foundations of
Tantra and become familiar with the large menu of practices.
You will learn how to communicate verbally and non verbally

Beginners will discover a new realm of experience and relationship
Advanced students of tantra will hone their ability to connect

Program will include:
-a brief history of Tantra,
-solo and duo practice: balancing your chakra system
-Test-game with your partner to understand your polarities
-Exercise to transform poison into nectar
-practice with your partner : verbal, and non verbal (the 4 kinds of touch)
-ritual called Puja: guided heart connections expanding your Love Menu

Men will study a sacred tantra ritual (lecture format in a separate room)
while women will share valuable information about pleasure.
This lecture will be the base of optional homework for the couple

Couples will reunite to experience the bliss of a puja :
a ceremony of love filled with short guided exercises including
eye gazing, words of appreciation, various ways of touching,
slow dancing and romantic embrace.

No nudity, no sexuality.

$120 for 2; $60 for 1

This is our signature workshop,
which has launched thousand of people over the last 20 years.
We recently revised and enhanced it.
To register: click here,
1 couple

1 single


Saturday, October 18th, 7-11 pm in Point Loma

A Halloween Puja

This puja uses the tradition of Halloween as an incentive to get dressed up and spark curiosity and fantasy.
Wearing a costume you are comfortable in will accelerate your diving into playfulness.

You will experience group play that invites you to enjoy the present moment,
unleash your erotic nature and experience your body as sacred.
We will celebrate our soul/body/heart connection within ourselves and with others

We offer a safe space where everyone is invited to visit their edge while respecting their boundaries
The level of this puja is intermediate and not offered to first timers.
All exercises are well orchestrated and paired up with evocative music pieces

Not sure it is for you? Call Jacquie : 858-581-0050

60 participants are invited
$70 per pair, $50 single man; $30 single woman
Register by emailing Jacquie :
and pay at the door
You need to receive an E-confirmation to attend


Saturday, November 22nd in Encinitas

A Tantra practice for all levels

flyer under construction


Sunday December 6th, 4-9 pm

Holiday Puja for singles

Theme : "what are the stars telling us..?"

A Tantra practice using the imagery of planets and cosmos