Saturday August 6th : 6 pm to 11:30pm
an unforgettable experience

Program : connecting puja, painting, wash off, coconut bon fire puja

$65 per person, includes all material
Gender balance makes the best parties,
find a partner to pair up with, mingling will be encouraged

and sign up here: 1 pair : $130

(sold out at this time, ask to be placed on the waiting list...)


Frequently asked questions:

-What kind of paint are we using? 
Chroma Pearlescent paint is gorgeous on the skin, non-allergenic, and easy to wash off.  
We paint with brushes, sponges, gloves, or bare hands.  

-Do we have to undress?: 
Most people do. Keeping something on is fine if you don't mind having paint on it.  
The undressing is playfully and elegantly brought up after our first Puja warm-up circle.  
Be assured that you do not have to, unless you feel comfortable.

-Will I get cold? 
The paint acts like a body glove, our art studio will be inside and one outside,
most people get warm and prefer to be outside, there will be sources of heat inside and outside.

-I'm self-conscious about my body... : 
We are all learning to love ourselves the way we are. It is not a fashion show,
it is a gathering of conscious loving people.
Also, the paint is really pretty on bare skin and it looks like everyone is dressed up again!

-I'm not an artist, I don't know how to paint :
The good news is that you don't even have to paint yourself,
many other hands will work on you if you ask;
and remember we use paint as children do: we smear it everywhere,
we have fun and the result is always gorgeous!

- I have a back problem I can not stand for too long :
 It is a very dynamic evening, including dancing and painting.
We are in constant movement and it will be very taxing on your body if you are not in good shape.
Sitting is not really an option.

-Do I have to interact with people, can I stay with my partner? :
 Most participants will interact with others. It is a very friendly group.  
However, you might favor painting with 1 person only, and that is perfectly fine.

-I'm shy, how about if a man has an erection?:
 Some do, some don't, no big deal, we paint the whole body and it is all in loving spirit!  
The fun atmosphere outweighs this sexual issue. This is not a sexual event.  

-May I bring my camera? 
You may bring your still camera. Pictures are to be taken only when we have our Kodak moment.
Some people may not want their picture taken: this is to be fully respected and honored. 

-How do we wash off?
 4 warm showers outside, sponges, soap, helping hands, tub...a delightful experience!

-I'm working all day and won't make it on time, is that OK?
The opening circle is our warm up and our bonding time, do not miss it;  
if you work all day that day, your body will probably lack energy to play all night.

-Is it OK to leave before the end?
Yes, you may leave whenever you need to, take care of yourself.
The closing circle however with the coconut oil Puja is described by many as the highlight of the evening!

-May I bring a friend?
If you think your friend would fit our group, please let me know. We welcome new people.  
Have your friend register in advance, there won't be any openings left at the last minute. 

- If I have to cancel?
If some emergency comes up, let me know asap and you'll get 1 pass to one of my future Pujas.  
This event requires lots of preparation with up-front costs involved.  
Please understand: there will be no refund. You may donate your ticket to someone else. 

-Are you ready to try out?
This event has always been safe and beautiful. Now is your chance!   
After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation, then a detailed email 10 days before the event...
Meanwhile Google : "body painting pictures " for  some exciting ideas...!   



Sunday August 21st, 2-5pm

in La Jolla

An inner journey for women...
how to stay deeply alive and juicy

We will bring our awareness to the myths of our culture
You will learn various secrets to stay
young and radiant inside your body
regardless of your age.

You will explore and share various tantra techniques:
Breath work, sounds, and movements that feel good to your body temple
You will participate in a puja and optional
yoni gaze in the safety of sisterhood

Register in advance and bring a friend for free.
Many programs for women are offered over the net,
you are invited to join a real group!




Saturday August 27th, 6-11pm

La Jolla

a sensual event for those who are familiar with pujas and body painting.

The evening unfolds gently with conversations and connection games (sarong on)

followed by coconut oil ceremony ( sarong off)

Some playful rituals will be offered with lots of coconut oil and lots of laughters

we drop into the sensualness of sacred loving... in slow motion

Outdoor warm showers will be optional at the end of the evening

Not for beginners

15 pairs are invited

$120 per pair



White Puja for singles

Saturday September 17th, 6-11pm

in La Jolla

Theme : "French cafe"
especially designed for first timers

Romantic, sweet, educational

A puja is a ritual of honoring our higher self
It is both an art form and an amazing and fun way
to explore ourselves and meet others
A puja includes topics to reflect on,
and an exercise to share with a random partner
This class focuses on the art of touch from
the approach to the actual touching
You will learn 5 different ways of touching and
practice with grace and ease under a clear and elegant leadership.
Nothing embarrassing is asked of you,
it is a very safe class, clothes stay on, no sexuality

Your guide Francoise, originally from Paris, will take you on an imsginary tour of her city!
French music will fill the air..!

$40 Mademoiselle

$60 Monsieur




Saturday October 15th
Malashok dance studio in Point Loma

Pink Puja : Intermediate level

Costume is a must! anything goes as long as your bottom is covered

$60 single wizard

$40 single fairy

$80 Adam and Eve