Sunday, September 28th, 2-7 pm

A tantra training for couples and paired friends.

Couples will practice together, singles will pair up with other singles

This is a 5 hour training to help understand the foundations of
Tantra and become familiar with the large menu of practices.
You will learn how to communicate verbally and non verbally

Beginners will discover a new realm of experience and relationship
Advanced students of tantra will hone their ability to connect

Program will include 3 parts:
1-a brief history of Tantra,
-solo and duo practice: balancing your chakra system
-Test-game with your partner to understand your polarities
-Exercise to transform poison into nectar
-practice with your partner : verbal, and non verbal (the 4 kinds of touch)

2- Men will study a sacred tantra ritual (lecture format in a separate room)
while women will share valuable information about pleasure in a woman's circle.
This lecture will be the base of optional homework for the couple

3- Men and women will reunite to experience the bliss of a puja :
a ceremony of love filled with short guided exercises including
eye gazing, words of appreciation, various ways of touching,
and creative connections to enhance your love menu.

No nudity, no sexuality.

$120 for 2; $60 for 1

This is our signature workshop,
which has launched thousand of people over the last 20 years.
We recently revised and enhanced it.
To register: click here,
1 couple

1 single



Sunday October 5th, 4-7pm in La jolla

Goddesses lounge

a healing circle special for women

sexual healing, self confidence, feminine potential



Saturday, October 18th, 7-11 pm in Point Loma

Fantasy Halloween Puja

This puja uses the tradition of Halloween as an incentive to get dressed up and spark curiosity and fantasy.
Wearing a costume you are comfortable in will accelerate your diving into playfulness.

You will experience group play that invites you to enjoy the present moment,
unleash your erotic nature and experience your body as sacred.
We will celebrate our soul/body/heart connection within ourselves and with others

We offer a safe space where everyone is invited to visit their edge while respecting their boundaries

All exercises are well orchestrated and paired up with evocative music pieces
The level of this puja is intermediate and not offered to first timers.
if you are new to tantra, come to the Sept 28th training and you will qualify for intermediate

60 participants are invited
$70 per pair, $50 single man; $30 single woman
Register by emailing Jacquie :
and pay at the door
You need to receive an E-confirmation to attend

Not sure it is for you? talk to Jacquie : 858-581-0050


Saturday, November 22nd in Encinitas


A Tantra practice for all levels

Approach, embrace, surrender

Learn the history of tango

Practice tantric exercises,

and dance Tango!

Francoise will be leading the tantric exercises,
Art Lashbrook, dance instructor, will lead the tango steps and attitude

Tango and Tantra put emphasis on polarity
We are aiming for a perfectly gender balance group
Thank you for registering in advance
$70 per couple; (couples may stay together but are invited to rotate as well)
$50 single men
$30 single women

Try to wear black or red

(your dance shoes are welcome but barefoot or socks will work also!)


Sunday December 6th, 4-9 pm

Holiday Puja for singles

Theme : "Cosmos and planets"

All planets have a myth and legend associated with it
they inspire artists and have a subtle effect on us whether we notice it or not

This gathering for singles will use tantric exercises to learn how to better connect energetically
Imagery of planets and cosmos will give an original theme
Did you know that 1 day on Venus equals 119 days on earth?
Facts about the cosmos will stimulate your brain while angelic music will help you enhance your sense of well being

You will gather skills and eventually find yourself in a sweet place where you will fall in love with everyone in the room

$40 ladies; $60 gentlemen; we garantee gender balance
open to 15 men and 15 women, you will meet all participants of the opposite gender

Wednesday Dec. 31st : our annual new year's eve puja

Celebrate with like minded people, sharing conscious touch and conversation

For couples and paired friends only $80 for 2

(if singles, do not miss the puja early December, you will probably meet someone interested in coming with you)

We'll take in priority participants who have worked with us and who are open to rotate in the puja