Saturday January 31st, 6-11pm, in La Jolla

Pre Valentine Puja for singles

What is love, is it blessing from Cupid,
it is something we create? How do we grow love?
What are you looking for in real life?
Discover the 2 major components to make a relationship work

You will share words, gentle touch, slow dance and heart connections in a format of a puja.
The way we pratice touch in a puja is different from intimate touch
because there are customs and etiquette, and guided instructions
The guidance provides safety and sacredness.

People leave happy and more at peace.
The joy of connecting heart to heart and soul to soul prepares participants to be ready
for their twin flame,
or soul mate or ponctual tantric partner

if you are a first timer, please visit the chapter "feed back" and read what others have said about their experience.
Open to 15 men and 15 women
No nudity, no sexuality
Offer yourself the gift a blissful evening,
Reserve your space now, you will be glad you did!
And get ready for Valentine's day!

1 gentleman $60

1 lady $40

35 years old and under benefit from 50% off

1 young lady single

1 young male single


Sunday, February 15, 2 pm to 7pm, in La Jolla

Valentine tantra training for couples

Tantra, as a ancient philosophy of expansion and transformation,
is a perfect framework to foster romance and harmony and to celebrate Valentine!

Through engaging presentations and experiential activities,
you will learn tools to enhance closeness, friendship and trust

If you are in long term realtionship, tantric techniques will spice it up.
If you are in a turmoiled relationship, tantra will offer you a road map for repair
If you are in a new relationship, discover how you can make you and your partner's life dreams come true

Topics will cover psychological tips such as conflict resolution skills,
and sexual awareness such as rituals to make her happy, and to make him happy
Respect, affection and closeness are the intent of this tantric practice

Couples work privately , all exercises are easy to follow, hand outs will be given;
No nudity or explicit sexuality in this playshop,
no group work, sharing or disclosure are imposed.
the more intimate practice is presented in lecture format and suggested as homework

only $120 per couple; (gift certificates available)

and....35 years old and under benefit from 50% off



Sunday Feburary 22nd, 3-6pm in La jolla

Goddess lounge

Love, ah love!!!!

How do you express love? what do you do when others send you love?

Maybe what we all long for is to rediscover that we are lovable, we are loved, and we are love

You will journal, relfect on written questions, and experience receiving love!

$30 (35 years old and under benefit from 50% off!)

reserve your space via email, pay at the door


Saturday , March 7th, 7-11 pm, in Encinitas

Brazilian carnival Puja and Latin dance


Sat March 22nd, 3-6pm, in La Jolla

Goddess lounge, jade egg practice

Sat March 28th, 7-11pm

Puja for singles


April 26th, 4-7pm , in La Jolla

Goddess lounge



Sunday May 24th, 2-7 pm, in La Jolla

tantra training for couples


Sunday May 31st, 4-7pm, in La Jolla

Goddess lounge



Saturday June 6th, 7-11 pm, in La Jolla

Puja for singles

Sunday June 20th, 4-7 pm, in La Jolla

Goddess lounge


Saturday June 27th, 6-11pm, in la Jolla,

Body painting