For couples

Saturday February 13th, 2 pm to 7 pm
Valentine Tantra playshop for couples
in La Jolla

A perfect exploration of white tantra and red tantra
for beginners and intermediate students.

All material is elegantly presented,

No sexuality nor nudity in the class.

You will practice exercises with your own partner
addressing the heart/mind/body connection
and leave with hand-outs for optional intimate homework.

Part 1 : Heart space, words of apreciation, 5 modalities of touch

Part 2 : Red tantra in lecture format, 2 separate gender circles

Part 3 : Puja, a guided ritual of adoration with your partner
including some Kamasutra positions

2 short intermissions, healthy finger-food is provided.

Your investment : 5 hrs/$150 per couple

A detailed confirmation will follow your payment on line




For women

Sunday March 20th in La Jolla

Goddess lounge in La Jolla
Spring puja for women,
find the Goddess in you.

What are the seeds you want to see blossom?

Collect nourishing words and touch form "sisters"
Fall in love with yourself
Step into your power
Reconnect with your alivemess.

The first day of spring is a perfect day to gather!

Pujas for women are rituals offered to
all women whether in couple or not
to regain self confidence and self esteem

It is motivated by love and is a lot of fun!

Come and express your voice, what is true in yourself,
Gather wisdom, and receive support.

$40 in advance gives you the privilege to bring a lady friend for free
limited to 15

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For singles

Saturday April 2nd: Tantra puja for singles in La Jolla

Meet other singles interested in tantra, beginners and seasoned tantrkas alike.

Connect to 15 participants of the opposite gender with
guided exercises following the philosophy and practice of tantra.

No nudity, no sexuality.

The theme will be: ancient India and Kamasutra
You will learn about Deities you might be familiar with
such as Kuan Yin, Sarasvati, Ganesha...
and imagine embodying their characteristics..
You will discover which deitie you resonarte with.

Each encounter will be playful, sensual,
and honoring of the divine aspect in all of us!
You will also explore a few Kamasutra teachings...

1 gentleman $60

1 lady $40

A detailed confirmation will follow your payment on line
Limited to 15 women and 15 men



For all kindred spirits

April 7th-12th:
8th Annual New Culture Spring Camp
in Santa Cruz Mountain

A festival of connections in all its forms,
intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical
a dozen of facilitators will offer their best from dance to massage,
non violent communivcation
and invigorationg discussions on the evolution of our culture

I will offer a white Tantra puja and a red puja !

The location is a rustic resort at Lupin, nestled in the mountains of anta Cruz
with pool, tennis court, jacuzzi ; it is clothes optional!

For more information and support, : kelly@languageofcompassion.com
$365 with early registration; $395 Standard per person,
camping and meals are extra
call 831-687-8878 ; scolarships available




For everyone, singles and couples

April 30th: Puja and dance in Encinitas, 7 to 11pm

Jazz and Blues offered to Tantrikas and Dancers
couples and singles
beginners and advanced

We are all sensitive to the Jazz and blues music,
a combination of African and European American folk music,
incorporating spirituals songs.

For this evening we have selected mostly instrumental music
which make you want to connect to your soul and everyone else souls

We will offer a combination of tantra exercises and romantic steps for slow dancing

7-8:30 Puja part 1, heart connections guided by Francoise

8:30-9:30 : Learn to dance the Blues with Art Lashbrook, Tantra-dance teacher

9:30-11 : Puja part 2 : sensual connections guided by Francoise

$80 per couple

$40 single women

$60 single men

A detailed confirmation will follow your payment on line