Saturday, October 18th, 7-11 pm in Point Loma,

Fantasy Halloween Puja

Thank you to all 60 well dressed up tantrikas who participated!

What a great evening we all created!


Sunday, November 9th, 4-7 pm in La jolla

The Goddess Lounge Part 2

A healing circle special for women
Once a month, the Goddess Lounge is inviting women to reflect on different subjects.

The November Lounge will have 3 themes:

-Father image, clarity on how it affects our choice in partners (journaling)
-Throat Chakra : the gate to our pleasure (practice of sounds)
-Aphrodite's words : Asking for what we want (group practice of nurturing touch)

Participation : $30

Saturday, November 22nd, 7-11 pm in Encinitas,
535 Encinitas Blvd #100


A Tantra practice for all levels

Approach, embrace, surrender

Discover the history of tango.

Practice tantric exercises
and dance Tango! no previous experience necessary

Francoise will be leading the tantric exercises;
Art Lashbrook, dance instructor, will lead the tango steps and fun dancing.

Tango and Tantra put emphasis on polarity.
We are aiming for a perfectly gender balance group.
Thank you for registering in advance.

$70 per couple

$50 single men

$30 single women

Try to wear black or red.

(Your dance shoes are welcome but barefoot or socks will work also!)



Saturday, December 6th, 6pm, in La Jolla

Holiday Puja for singles

Theme: Cosmos and planets

All planets have a myth and legend associated with them.
They inspire artists and have a subtle effect on us whether we notice it or not.

This gathering for singles will use tantric exercises to learn how to connect better energetically.
Imagery of planets and the cosmos will give an original theme.
Did you know that 1 day on Venus equals 119 days on earth?
Facts about the cosmos will stimulate your brain while angelic music will help you enhance your sense of well being.

You will gather skills and eventually find yourself in a sweet place where you will fall in love with everyone in the room.

$40 ladies; $60 gentlemen.
We guarantee gender balance.
Open to 15 men and 15 women; you will meet all participants of the opposite gender.

1 male angel:
1 astronaut female:

Sunday, December 7th, 4-7 pm in La Jolla

The Goddess Lounge Part 3

A healing circle special for women
Once a month, the Goddess Lounge will invite women to reflect on different subjects.

The December Lounge will have 1 theme and 3 parts:
"our sweet spots"
-identify them, find words and convey the sacredness (group diiscussion)
-feel the energy of it (meditation, breath and and movement)
-experience each other's (healing sacred touch)

Participation : $30

Wednesday, Dec. 31st, 7-12 Midnight in La Jolla

Our annual New Year's Eve puja

Celebrate with like-minded people, sharing conscious touch and conversation.
For couples and paired friends only: $80 for 2.

Singles: do not miss the puja in early December.
You will probably meet someone interested in coming with you.

We'll give priority to participants who have worked with us and who are open to rotate in the puja.
Register here: